Dec 8, 2008

Sunday's Thoughts

Here are some things about yesterday:
-I love kicking off the new series, The Great Unknown. It will be a awesome Christmas series.

-The stage look incredible. Good job Greg, Brad, and to all the production team. Heard lots of great comments.

-Amanda was unable to make and I hope she is better today. Because of Amanda being out the band had to make some serious changes to the morning and did a great job. Amanda you were missed, but my hats off to the band for making some worship great with all the changes.

-We collected a mountain of coats for the needy in Macon. I was blown away by the number of coats we had on the first Sunday of the drive.

-Had about 200+ yard signs about the Christmas Eve Service taken yesterday to be put up. Good job eveyone!!! Thanks to the Parking lot greeters for handling the distribution.

-The All-Star Kids leadership is raising up new leaders. Jana, All-Star Kids Original Host, was in the service yesterday..a first in a long time.

I serve along side the most incredible people on the guys are awesome.

Dec 4, 2008

Passion part 2

Ok, now what does Passion look like? First, passion always focuses energy. When we have a passion for something we focus our mental, intellectual, and spiritual energy in that direction. It is like going from a shotgun that sprays in many directions to a rifle that is focused in hitting a small area with a big punch.

When you are passionate about improving your marriage you focus energy in direction. On the other hand, if you are passionate about YOUR desires then you will focus your energy on making you happy, comfortable, and satisfied...often at the expense of those around you.

So what are you passionate about? Don't know? Ask yourself, where is your energy focused? Ask God to create and/or direct your passion to the things that really matter, the those things that will last, to pursuing Him, and to the things that will better the lives of those around you. Passion is a key part of living and not just existing.

Dec 1, 2008

Passion part 1

I was in Atlanta recently sitting at a read light. Standing on the corner in front of me was a guy holding a sign telling me of a sale at a local store. I am sure that you have seen those guys. He was actually sitting on a stool talking on a cell phone. It was obvious that is was just a job to him.

I then drove down to the next light and there was another guy. He was having a blast. He had a rectangle shaped sign and could throw it up and catch it. He was flipping it many different directions and caught it 90% of the time. I was captivated. I can tell you exactly what was on his sign. I wanted to get out and join him. It was very cool.

The difference between these two guys is one had a job, and the other had passion for his job. It is amazing that when you can near someone who has passion for something how that captivates us, how it draws us in, and makes what that person is passionate about more believable.

I challenge you to ask God to fire up your passion to know him, serve him, and pursue him. That alone will get people's attention. And what does it look like when we serve him with passion? We will answer that question in the next blog.

Nov 12, 2008

We own it

I keep being blown away but what God has done through this thing called Piedmont Church over the past year. To think that this 1-year old church just bought a shopping center is a pretty amazing compliment to the power of God and the work of our people.

It is awesome what can happen when you harness the power of a people all moving in the same direction. It is hard to keep it focused, but when you do, it is powerful. Leadership is so much more about keeping people focused, passionate, and chasing after Jesus, than it is about keeping people happy, making a decisions, or holding a positions. Many church leaders would do well to understand this.

Having said much of Piedmont's present success is simply because God chose this time, this community of people, this leadership team, and this pastor to use for something that is bigger than we are. We have done a lot of things right, but what we have accomplish so far is more about the blessing of God that we do not deserve, than what we have done right.

This is why I am passionate and yet very humbled about leading Piedmont Church.

Oct 20, 2008

Thinking about Sunday

Here are some of my musings about yesterday:

1. The Band and vocals did great! After that Johnny Cash song I am now calling Greg Blasche-Johnny Blash. I don't get to hear real well backstage, but right before I came out, Amanda challenged everyone to sing "you are glorious" and the band and on-stage vocals toned down, it was AWESOME to hear the audience sing.

2. Raising now $660,000 in commitments to finish out our building is pretty dang awesome for a church a little over 1 year old!

3. We have a lot of kids in All Stars and I love it!

4. So many new faces ready to discover Christ and not play church

5. Big response to the Prison Break intro message, I feel this is going to be a good one.

6. I work with the best and most awesome staff and volunteers on the face of the planet!

Can it get any better!

Oct 10, 2008

My View

The view from my desk chair one morning this week. I love it!

Oct 8, 2008

You Move Me

Yes I know that I have not posted in a while. To be honest, the VERGE EFFORT was incredible but draining. I have to say I was blown away on Sunday when the commitment time came, to be honest I was wondering if I and the staff (I made them commit) would be the only ones putting a commitment card in the jars. Then when we could see all the people coming to help us cross the line...I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

Piedmont Church is incredible...I mean incredible. You guys get it and want to see Christ create life change in you and others. That is what church is all about. Not committees, not keeping someone happy, not performing for others, it is about helping people to have their life changed in a real and radical way.

Thank you to each of you. Thank you for your commitment, for renewing my passion for church, for loving this city, and for putting Christ ahead of everything in your life. You move me.

Sep 18, 2008

Making a decision

Jana and I are in the process of deciding what we will commit to Piedmont's Verge Campaign. I am so excited about what God is going to do in Piedmont and in our new facility.

We do have to raise some serious resources (money) to make it all happen. I believe that our people are up to the challenge. I just pray that they will seek God and give him their best. I believe with everything in me that people's eternity hang in the balance.

I do have people in other places support Piedmont on occasions and I am so thankful. If you live away from Macon and feel compelled to support Piedmont's effort to dominate Middle Georgia with the love and grace of Jesus Christ, please email me ( Your cash or non-cash gift would mean a lot

I am just very pumped about what God is going to do and is already doing!!!

Sep 10, 2008

The Fight is On!

Okay, this week has been a battle; seriously, I have been in a huge internal battle.

We had our one year anniversary, and it was awesome. Big, excited crowd. Gave away money to challenge people to be givers not just consumers. The response has been so cool. I encourage you to go to and read the comments.

Also this week we have had one of our Piedmont trucks broken into and about $8000 dollars worth of our sound equipment stolen. We also had a large bill come in that relates to the purchase of our Northside property.

A battle of emotions has been my week. In the end I am oddly excited and a little frightened. I fully believe that events of the week are evidence that Hell is frightened that Piedmont Church is in Macon. I am convinced that Satan is very fearful that Piedmont Church is a new move of God in Middle Georgia. I also know he will not sit by and do nothing.

Satan is a general of an army, and an army only attacks an enemy what is seen as a threat. Yes, we are putting hell on notice that Piedmont Church is in town not to connect people to the same old Christian religion, but to a movement of Christ in their lives.

We will not back down, backup, sit down, or shut-up. We are here to stay, and we move forward in confidence for greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world!

Sep 7, 2008

Piedmont is 1 year old

I may have to update this blog tomorrow, I am exhausted and not sure my mind is fresh.

Today was an incredible day. The spirit, the band, all our volunteers, the work of our staff, the response, the party at the Northside property...everything was awesome. I am so grateful and humbled that I get to be the Lead Pastor of this amazing church.

For those who were not there, let me tell you what we did. As a part of the launch of the verge series we didn't take up an offering, instead we gave out thousands upon thousands of dollars. I guess you can say we did a reverse offering. Seriously, we had envelopes in the offering buckets and asked people to take one out of the offering bucket. In those envelopes were different amounts of money from 5 to 500 dollars.

There was one catch, you can't spend the money on yourself or your family. You have to give it away to someone who needs it. We did it to show that life is not just about the consumption of all you have, but God challenges us to become people who use our time, energy, and money to invest into the lives of others. I thought that if we "prime the pump" that we could get people fired up about investing into others as a way of living.

We will see what happens. It was a one-of-a-kind day, and now I am going to sleep.

Sep 3, 2008


Ok, I am pumped!!

This Sunday is a double home run Sunday. I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Piedmont Church and the kick-off of the Verge series and effort.

I am caught up with a conviction that God has brought us to the verge of something even bigger than what we have experienced right now. BUT, the ball is in our court.

Let me say that I am a terrible fundraiser...I hate it. But this time I am unusually excited!!! I am not intimidated in asking you to pray and give. I am so convinced in what can be. I so believe that we are positioned to be used of God to create some serious life change in people. I want you to have the joy and the privilege to participate in changing lives, and so I proudly ask you to give.

Without shame I tell you to seriously seek God, ask for His direction, and make a commitment to give to the Verge effort. It may be a one time gift, it may be a 3-year commitment to give "an extra" to your regular giving, or it may be a non-cash gift, but I call you to be a part in some way.

If you are not still convinced...come listen to the Verge Series. This will be a guilt-free, challenge-filled series that will change your heart and you will be encouraged. I am FIRED up!

Aug 25, 2008


Our response to this House series has been great. I found it odd yet encouraging yesterday when Curt Montgomery mentioned in the "welcome" that this series has been great, a lot of people started clapping.

I am not sure if I have ever had applause for just mentioning a series. I think that us talking about parenting hits a cord with many people. Parenting is a tough job.

Here are some highlights from the series:

--Every child from birth is heading to the same unstoppable destination called independence.

--Our greatest job is not to get them through school, into marriage, a job, or leave them a wad of money. Our job is to help nurture and shape their character so that they are ready to live independence well.

--Character shaping does not just happen, you have to be intentional.

--The average parent has 3000 unscheduled hours a year with their child and the average child attends church 40 hours a year. Who has the greater impact? Whatever you want in your children, work on it being real in you.

--When it comes to guidelines, guardrails, and discipline remember the two Cs-consistency and clarity. Give both when you give expectations and discipline.

--One of the unique characteristics of the American family is how well the parents obey the children. Who has the greatest influence in your house? Ok, really think about this before you answer.

We finish the series this weekend, see you there.

Aug 21, 2008

last night

I met with several of the leaders of Piedmont Church last night. The leaders of Piedmont are not a group of men on a board making decisions...that is the staff's job. No, the leaders of Piedmont are the men and women who serve others on Sunday. To be a leader it is simple...serve somebody.

I had them together to talk about the Verge effort. It is very important to understand that the Verge effort is not simply a campaign to raise money to get into our building. We do hope that we raise money, but it is so much more than that.

We did not set a dollar goal for the Verge effort, instead made our goal getting everyone at PC that we can to seek God earnestly during the campaign. I believe that we will see some people's lives changed and we will get to raise some money.

I challenge all who attend PC to seek God over the next several weeks and ask two things:

1. God what is the one things you desire out of me at this stage of my life? What ever it is God I will do it.

2. God what would you have me do to help Piedmont take this next step for we are on the Verge of something even greater than what we have seen you do?

Pray those things everyday and lets see what God does.

Aug 17, 2008

Sunday Evening Thoughts

I go to bed a blessed man tonight because
*I am loved by a God who shouldn't
*I am married to most amazing and beautiful girl
*I am loved by 3 little faces
*I work with a great staff-Thanks Curt, Greg, Val, Brad, Tori, and Jana. You are awesome and I am glad that God has you on the PC Team. You guys move me.
*I get to lead a church that is more about the movement of Christ than being another "Christian Club" church.
*I serve along side some of the most incredible volunteers. You are the engine that moves PC forward.
*Next week I begin to help coach several little guys (1st and 2nd graders) in the game of football. An opportunity to invest into future young men.
*I get to help people discover that God has so much more than they are living right now. I love helping people find that peace, security, and hope that God has for each of us.

I will sleep well tonight.

Aug 6, 2008


Well I am ending a week with the family and have had a great time. I have been thinking about our Verge effort coming up. What an opportunity we have.

Piedmont Church has lifted off the ground with great success. For a new church start we are doing great. I am so proud of the volunteers and staff that have gotten us to this place. I really get overwhelmed when I think about it.

Verge is what we are calling our next step. I define the word Verge as that point beyond which something new breaks out. I think that is where PC is, we are at that point in which we are about to launch into a new level of ministry. We have accomplish so much without a facility but it has also limited us. I have no doubt that our potential is sky high in helping people get connected to Jesus Christ in a real and meaningful way, but we need the resources to get there and our building is a huge needed resource.

Understand that a getting a building is not our goal. No, our goal is life change in people, the building is just a tool to help us accomplish this. I ask you that if you read this blog, even if you do not go to PC, pray and see if God has you to help us dominate this city with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. I am excited for Piedmont Church and for Middle Georgia as PC with your help moves to a new level.

Aug 2, 2008

going home

I have had a great time in CA. The people are great and right now I stopped on my way to the airport in a park right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

If I look out the opposite way of the bridge I see Alcatraz. Cool spot!

As cool as this place is there is nothing like going home. Home to see all the faces that I love to see. My partner in life, Jana, and those three crazy kids God has blessed us with.

I look out to Alcatraz and wonder what Al Capone thought as he was confined there, unable to go home. I think of all the homeless who have no home to go to, and to those who's home has fallen apart and they wish so much they could put it back together. My heart hurts for them and because I know that I have a home and I can't wait to get there.

Aug 1, 2008

Have Fun in CA

The last two night at Family Camp have been great. The people have been responsive and I have really enjoyed the discussions. Good people.

I took one afternoon and drove to Santa Cruz and went to Steamer Lane. It is a famous surfing spot in California. I enjoyed standing on the cliffs and watching the surfers below. Something you do not get to see on the East Coast.

I have also been blown away by the Redwoods. These things are huge! It is hard to describe how tall they are...God is one creative dude. Only a fool in his heart can stand where I am, look at all this, and say that there is not God. The complexity of the creation screams that there is a designer.

Missing my Family big time.

Tomorrow I will write and tell you of someone I want to you pray for.


Jul 28, 2008

In San Fransico

I am about an hour south of San Fransisco in the Redwood forest speaking this week at a Family Camp. Wow, this is some kind of beautiful weather. I left 90+ degree weather for 50s in the morning and 70s for the high here. The people at the Redwood Christian Camp are really great.

If you think about it pray that God anoints my speaking this week. I want God to move.

I am currently sitting in a coffee House and the 40 year old guy near me just told the owner that he may need to smoke a joint tonight to go to sleep. Welcome to the Redwood Forest area of California.

Reports to come.

Jul 24, 2008

Our Volunteers Rock

PC has the best volunteers. Every church has volunteers but not every church has volunteers that get it. At PC we do!

Last night we had our first volunteer appreciation event called Full Throttle. It was a night to party with and love on our volunteers. It was cool!

Here is how the night went for all you church planters who read blogs like this for ideas
--we had the "Pit Party" from 6-6:30. Chips and salsa
--Dinner started at 6:30
--We had a wii and a xbox360 set up among racing decorations.
--the program started at 7:00
--I welcomed and expressed appreciation
--Greg (worship dude) came and did a version of "don't forget the lyrics" very funny
--then slide/video of where we have come from over the past year -ended with the song God of this City -very moving
--Each staff gave out full throttle awards like the grammys. The award was the energy drink Full Throttle.
--I came up and gave a short vision talk
--We ended by having a drawing for an ipod touch. At the beginning of the night we gave everyone a slip of paper and wrote their name at the top and asked them to write down the name of everyone they talked to. At the end of the night the 20 who had the most names put their slip in a jar and we drew for the ipod. It got people talking to each other. Very cool.

Thanks to my amazing staff for getting it all together.

Jul 22, 2008

brudened but grateful

I often hear of a young pastor being frustrated, hounded, and criticized by a few people of their church. Many of these men were young men in my previous college ministry. They all gave up a lot to lead their church, sacrificed for the church, and worked harder than anyone could imagine. These churches have put an expectation on these men that no one but Christ could live up to, and then sliced them with whispering tongues.

I have seen first hand how people who claim the name of Christ can ignore so much of scripture in how they respond and treat others, especially pastors. It gets me fired up and gets me angry. I am very proud of these men, instead of fighting they resigned so as not to hurt the church. They are left to trust God to take care of them and their family, that is very cool to me. I would love to bring them to Macon to work with me at PC.

I have to say that I don't have this issue at Piedmont. I work along some of the greatest people on the planet. The staff is great, and to my amazement they understand the need to protect the pastor. They are truly the wind beneath my wings and I am so grateful. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Jul 18, 2008

Changed lives is the goal

I am getting so excited about our new building and how this fall we are going to call on all who attend PC to commit to make it happen. Our building and the campaign we will have is not about bricks and mortar, it is not buying a building. It is about changing lives.

The building is just a tool to make life change happen. A very big tool, but the building is not the change is. We must never lose sight of that. We must never become a church that builds or purchases buildings just for our pleasure. Time is too short and our window of opportunity to change lives of those far from God is what is most important.

Yes, I want you to pray about your role in making this building a reality in both your serving and your giving. You guys are the most awesome people who are making PC the most awesome church.

Jul 11, 2008

Holy and Hip

I have a new friend. She is a teenage girl named Kennedy Bruce. She is the daughter of a friend and coach on Colton's All-star team. She told her dad recently that I am "Holy and Hip." I love that. I would hope that by "holy" she means that she sees some of the character of Christ in the way I live (I have so far to go in that) and by "hip" I hope she means relevant.

I think that should be the definition of the church today -Holy and Hip, or said another way...publicly living the character God in a way that seems relevant to those around. It is my passion that Piedmont is passionate about helping people pursue the character of God in a way that is relevant to their everyday life. That is what Jesus did when he was on earth. I guess you can say that Piedmont Church is striving to be like Jesus Christ, to be holy and hip.

Jul 9, 2008

this bothered me

I read something today that bothered me and it should bother you as well.

I read that 50,000 people die each day without a relationship with Jesus.

Read that line again.

Now just think on that a little. Every single day the Kingdom loses 50,000 people.

Imagine if you lost 50,000 dollars a day in your business...What would you do?

I bet you would change some things. I believe that it is time that we change some things.

In Hebrews 9:27 it tell us that we are destine to die and then we face judgment. That is it, Game Over. 50,000 people a day face that judgment without forgiveness.

So what are you going to do about it? You may ask, "I am one person, what can I do?" You help change things one life at a time. It starts with you focusing on the people around you who would be a part of that 50,000 if they died today. Invest in them, serve them, forgive them, and invite them to come with you to Piedmont Church. God wants to use you in their life.

Christianity must not become a self-focused group of people, but a burden people who hurt for the 50,000 everyday and work hard to shrink that number.

It is time for you and me to do our part.

Jul 8, 2008

Things that hit me

--I loved Sunday. I had someone tell me that they had never had the Lord Supper come so alive and mean so much to them. That was our goal.

--The acoustic set Greg and the band did was awesome.

--I met some really cool people

--We did some planning last week and we are making plans to help people in need around the city amongst several other things.

--Greg and Curt are going to be a much needed addition to our team.

--In the last 9 months we have together -given $6,000 to a orphanage in China, twice gathered several hundred pounds of food for the hungry, sent out two teams to help tornado victims, and have more projects in the making. Not Bad for a church that is less than a year old.

--I still can not believe that we are buying a Shopping Center. God is awesome!

--You guys are so cool in your serving, your giving, and you inviting. KEEP INVITING is is our lifeblood.

Jul 2, 2008

Dominate Defined

Over the past few months you have heard me say, "I want to dominate this city with the love and grace of Jesus Christ." But what does that mean? Let me explain.

I remember walking through the ruins of an old city in Israel. We can upon a huge rock formation that looked like the old city gates of Christ's days. During the time of Christ this formation was the hotbed of pagan worship. Thousands of people would come to worship in pagan temples. I remember standing there at the very place where Jesus walked amongst a lot of people who were far from God. Jesus didn't run away from the pagans, prostitutes, murderers, thieves, and, he ran to them. Imagine the disciples standing there looking at all the idol worship, all the prostitution, all the ungodly behavior that was so popular and accepted. They must have been so overwhelmed. It was in this environment that Jesus says, "The gates of Hell will not prevail" against the church.

Now think about that phrase, "Gates of Hell." Gates are a defensive not an offensive weapon. Gates were used to keep a city from being overwhelmed. Jesus tells us that Hell is to be on the defense...his church should be on the offensive. We are not to retreat but to DOMINATE. We are to believe that God longs to do some God-size things in and through us. We are to work hard to find ways to love people, grow people, feed people, heal people, and dominate this city with the best weapons we, grace, and encouragement.

It is my passion for all of us who attend Piedmont to not give up on our families, our office, our friends, and this city. We will "dominate" when we all love like there is no tomorrow, invest in those who are around us, give of ourselves to better someone else, and when we never stop inviting others to come with us to Piedmont. That is what it means to "dominate." It is not about becoming the cool church or the "better" church but it is beating hell in this city and becoming a church where constant life change is a reality.

Jul 1, 2008


I am at Saint Simons on a staff advance (because we never retreat), and some of the things that people is amazing. I am assuming that most condo must not have mirrors because there is no way they saw themselves before they made all of us see them. I do not know if I should feel sorry for them of admire their self confidence.

Jun 30, 2008

They punched the lock

We came out to the Expedition after Colton's All-star game only to find that someone had punched the lock and stole Jana's purse and the GPS that I borrowed (great, now I have to buy a new one that I didn't want to do...that is the reason I borrowed one.) and I was ticked. By the time we got home they had charged over $500 to our credit cards.

You know, if they would have broken into any other vehicle it would not have bothered me as much. The minute they broke into MY vehicle it became personal. The reason was because it was MINE! I wanted to kicked some Jesus name of course.

This all reminds me that the scripture tells us that all who follow Christ are considered by God as His "very own possession." That means that because I am HIS, he takes everything that happens to me very personal. He celebrates my greatest days, cries at my worst moments, and will one day repay those who hurt me without remorse. That knowledge creates something within me that is needed to thrive...HOPE!

In Christ you are His and that draws His focused, loving, and passionate attention to your every moment. Be encouraged.

Jun 24, 2008

Braves Game

I went to the Braves game tonight. I sat on the second row behind the Brave's dugout. I could have almost reached out and smack Chipper Jones on the head if I had wanted to. The first base ump made a terrible call and boy did he get heckled for about 15 minutes by one guy.

The guy went on, and on, and on, and on. We were all so close so there is no doubt that the ump heard this guy. The guy finally stopped and announced to all who could hear, "I have waited all my life to yell at an ump who could actually hear me." I laughed, no doubt his first time to sit that close.

There is something powerful that happens when you believe that you are being heard. Maybe that is why we don't pray like we should. Maybe in our minds we are still waiting to get close enough to God to believe that we are close enough for Him to finally hear us.

The scripture is clear, God hears. He hears every beat of your heart, every word on your lips, and every thought in your head. He is listening. Ask God to help you to get to a place where you are emotionally convinced that He hears. When you get to that place you just might be amazed at the resulting passion for prayer that is created within you.

Jun 23, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

Here are some thoughts from yesterday;

--The PC volunteers are so incredible. Seriously, they do an amazing job in getting our environments ready each Sunday and I am blown away.

--I believe that if we believed that God is going to do a God-size thing through PC that we would dominate the city with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

--I am thankful that the people of PC are willing to be audacious for Jesus Christ.

--It takes more work to be focused on outsiders than insiders. You PC folks understand that and I an grateful.

--Satan hates Piedmont Church

--My batteries are recharged when people tell me that God is using PC to inspire and/or change them. If PC has impacted your life email your story to

Jun 17, 2008


I have a relative whom I have never met that robbed a bank kidding. Oddly, I want to fly out to meet him and discover his story. His mother has died and no one is really able to be there with him. He is near my age and I feel for him in a way.

I find myself curious to have a relative who has robbed a bank, but I am also angry. This relative is from my father's side of the family and carries the Dingmore name. I get angry that in at least one town he has tarnished my last name. I feel that he had a responsibility to wear our family name well, but he chose not to. That, honestly, make me mad.

This whole strange event has caused me to ask myself, "How am I wearing my God's name?" As a Christ follower I wear the name of Christ in a public way, and though I am not perfect I still have the responsibility of wearing it well. I now realize that the questions that I should ask myself before acting or speaking are, "How does what I am about to do reflect on His name? Is this the behavior of someone who is wearing the name of Christ well?" I bet if I ask these questions often I would have parts of my lifestyle radically about you?

Jun 5, 2008

My volunteers rock!

The following is a blog entry I ran across of Casey Graham who spoke last week:

Okay, I had a BLAST at Piedmont Church in Macon, GA. Jerry Dingmoreis a GREAT leader and pastor. They are 8 months old averaging 350 in attendance. Today was the last week of their Big and Rich series. He had me down to do an on stage interview. I can't believe how well received it was. It doesn't matter if I am in Cumming, Ga or Macon, Ga or anywhere else — EVERYONE DEALS WITH FINANCES! FYI if you are church planter or leader, YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS CHURCH. They had some of the BEST volunteers I have ever been around in my life. They really did have it together.

Jun 3, 2008

Your One Prayer

This Sunday We will be kicking off the ONE PRAYER series in which we are partnering with over 1200 church worldwide.

This Sunday I will be talking about my one prayer for Piedmont Church. In getting ready I want you to give me your one prayer for your church, whatever church you attend. Leave your prayer by clicking on the comments button below.

I have an odd relationship with my blog

I have this love-hate relationship with my blog. I love writing in it at times and at other times it I hate it and I get off habit. I have been off habit for a while but have returned.

May 13, 2008

Tornado Cleanup

Wow! That is my response to both the destruction of the tornado and the response of Piedmont Church. We made a call for PC to help with the debris cleanup and within a few hours we had around 30 people to help remove branches. We had about the same number of residents of the so called "rough" neighborhoods that we were in to come out and help. We had an army of people. White and Black working next to each other, laughing, helping, and doing what needed to be done. It was an amazing scene.

To see a slide show go to our family blog at

In the end we did what the church should always do and that is help people. We ended up clearing 5 major street blockings, a driveway for an elder couple, and removed a tree laying on a car. The people we helped were amazed and shocked.

I can not thank enough the people who came to help. I know that God is going to honor you for it. It was incredible and we dominated the area with the grace of Jesus Christ.

May 11, 2008

What a day

Well we had some type of weather today. It appears that no one was killed in the tornado that hit Macon, I am glad for that.

We did not have church at PC because of the power outage, and I get really bummed when I am unable to connect with the people of PC and preach.

I was amazed with the number of our leaders who showed up and helped to get set up just in case the power came on, and when we made the call to cancel the service they stayed to help pack up. We have the coolest volunteers at PC. I love you guys.

Oh, and I have to tell mother's day message was awesome. Oh well.

See you next week.

May 5, 2008

My Thoughts on Leadership

A lot of talk has surfaced about leadership. From the candidates for president to the blogs of well known church leaders, everyone is trying bring clarity to what leadership looks like. I will throw in my thoughts.

I think that the best definition of leadership is found in one word...influence. Leadership is influence. Leadership is not a position, not a responsibility, nor is it a job title. Anyone can become a leader when they become someone who influences others.

I have often seen situations in workplaces where someone other than the one with the "boss" title is getting people to get things done. That person may not have the title of leader but because they are influencing people they ARE a leader.

You can be a leader in your work, your home, your friendships when you begin to become an influence. Great leaders in all these arenas understand that leadership is influence and strive to become a positive influence to all whom God places in their path.

Go, be a leader today!

May 2, 2008

Five on Friday

Here are five things that I am thinking about today:

1. I am running for president in four years. If the three that are current contenders are the best that America has to offer...I have a chance. Who should be my VP?

2. I can't wait for Sunday. I love seeing people, I love challenging people, and I love what is happening in our kids and students, and I love seeing God do his thing.

3. I have a baseball (Colton) and a softball (Kenzie) game tomorrow and I get fired up at those things. I am pretty sure that I will not get ejected from the game, but I get intense as the season goes on. I hope the "Blues" (umpires) are ready. I hope you know that I am kidding about the getting ejected...well kinda kidding.

4. I was reminded this morning that the best response to many things in life is laughter.

5. I live believing that "life is terminal, live strong."

Apr 29, 2008

People say strange things

The following is a blog written by Perry Noble who is a church planter who's church has become a beacon for many church plants. I recently starting reading his blog and laughed at this one and knew you had to read it. I think that it applies to Piedmont for I hear things like this being said about us. I will give you my thoughts after you read this blog entry.

Apparently I Pulled My Pants Down!!!
Posted: 23 Apr 2008 06:10 AM CDT
OK…so the rumor mill has stirred up another one.

I've heard tons of them…that there is a statue of me in the building, that I preach with my shirt off, that people have to show their tax returns to join our church and that we have a secret parking garage underneath the building. (The last one WOULD be really cool…but no, it’s not true!)

But this last one…when I heard it…I was speechless.

A gentleman in our church knew that God wanted him to join…but before doing so he wanted to have lunch with his soon to be former pastor to thank him for his ministry and share with him that he really felt that God was leading him and his family to begin attending NewSpring Church.

His pastor, upon finding out that the church he was going to be attending was NewSpring, said, “Well Bob (fake name!), you need to be very careful because I know for a fact from a very reliable source that the pastor over there pulled his pants down one Sunday to try to illustrate a point–and I think that is ungodly!”

OK…I know I drink lots of coffee…and that I often say & do crazy things…but I am around 110% sure that I’ve never pulled my pants down–ever! WOW…oh my dang!!!

I thought about that other pastor a lot last weekend. To my knowledge we’ve never met; however, I found it very interesting that he was very willing to assume the worse about me just because he had “a very reliable source.”

Confession–I’ve done the same thing before…all pastors have. We hear something about someone who we perceive to be some sort of threat…and instead of doing our homework we assume it’s true because we want to believe it.

This encounter REALLY taught me a few lessons…

I have found that when you have vision and are trying to impact an area for Christ that many will try to derail you from that vision. If you have no vision people will leave you alone.

I have found that...
If you are not being told that it can't be done...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not being talked about in good and bad ways...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not a threat to "professional" Christians...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not being told to calm down...your vision is probably not from God.
If you do not feel like you will explode unless you do it...your vision is probably not from God.

If you hear any wacky accusation said about Piedmont Church that you know is not true. Don't get mad, just wear is as a badge of honor knowing that it simply means we have a God size vision. Don't play the same game, lets live above it.

Apr 24, 2008

One Prayer

I am really excited about something that Piedmont Church is going to be a part of in June. We are going to join 100s of churches around the world and become one for the month of June. We are going to be a part of the One Prayer event beginning June 8th.

This is how it works. On June 8th I will preach a message that expresses my One Prayer for us at Piedmont. All the churches that are a part of One Prayer will have their Lead/Senior Pastor do the same. The the following three week every church will have other Pastor's preach to their churches through video. At Piedmont we will have three of the very best communicators speak to us through video personally selected by me. I will have many communicators to choose from and will select those who have a message for us to hear. Every church will be doing this. It will be a awesome time of unified focus.

Jesus prayed that the Father would make us, as Christians, one so that people will see Christ in the midst of that unity. One Prayer I believe will be an answer to that prayer.

I am so excited, and I hope you are as well.

For more information go to and begin to pray that God will use this in a awesome way in our lives at Piedmont.

Apr 23, 2008

If you don't read this God is going to hurt you

OK, the title of this blog is over the top, but so are many of the emails that I get. I seem to be a magnetic for the "if you forward this email to 5 friends then God is going to bless you" emails. Though they differ from each other a little, the message is basically the same. It tells me that if I forward an email then that is the key that opens the door to getting God to bless my life.

Come on, I know that those who forward those emails really can't believe that. Surely you do not believe that God is setting up there with a big Mac computer (God would use Apple over a Windows based computer because Apple is cool and so is God) watching who forwards these emails, and his blessing is based on if you forward an email that really doesn't have any content in it other than to tell you to forward?

Please tell me that you really are not going to make knowing God about forwarding an email. Listen, God wants to bless you. He wants you to know him, to learn from him, obey him, trust him, follow him...and when this becomes a part of your everyday way to live...he will bless you.

If you want to use email to attract God's blessing, then do the following:
1. Hit "New message" button on your email program.
2. Put in the address of a someone you know or have met.
3. Write an email encouraging them, thanking them, supporting them, etc.
4. Hit the "Send" button.

Do that often and you will attract the blessing of God and of a lot of other people.

Apr 15, 2008


Remember when Popeye got so fed up that he would say, "I can't stanz it, I can't stanz it no more." It was then that he had to do something, he just couldn't sit by and not act.

I am often asked how does one know when God is leading them in something or to do something. I believe that God will bring you to something much more that a "feeling" that you need to do something. He will create a Popeye moment in your heart. There will be something inside of you that demands a response in you. In your heart you will say that "I can't stanz it, I can't stanz it no more." One well known pastor calls it a holy discontent.

This is why we started Piedmont Church. It wasn't because we just wanted to, we simply couldn't stand by and do nothing...we had to act.

I convinced that as you seriously follow Christ he will stir you and bring you to Popeye moments. It is a process and often you will see it coming if your looking. Are you looking?

Apr 11, 2008


I know that I am running a risk talking about Oprah. So don't be hate'n. I know that she is promoting a new way of thinking about God and life these days...another name for that is Theology. She is promoting a new Theology. Actually, it is not new because much of it dates back to the time of the scripture. It has several elements of what was called gnosticism, but that is a whole other story.

What I find interesting is that she is viewed by many as a expert on relationships like marriage, parenting, and the like. I am sure she has views on these topics and her views could have some redeeming value. But the woman has chosen to bypass the marriage commitment, and she is not a parent. That is like me teaching you how to become great at soccer, oh and by the way, I don't play the game. Doesn't make much sense to me.

You would do better to DVR American Idol instead, then when you want advice on marriage, family, or relationships, find someone whom you have observed who has built a great marriage and who has raised kids who you want yours to be like. Get to know her, ask her for advice, and seek the input from someone who has walked well where you want to walk.

Oprah, I am thankful for the refrigerator that I have from you, but a relationship mentor you are not.

Apr 10, 2008

What do I think about God?

I have had several good things happen to me over the last few months. During this time of blessing I also feel like something bad is about to happen. I am kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop...why is that?

I wonder if it is because deep down I do not really believe that God will bless me, or is it because I know that the enemy of God attacks when we are being blessed, or could it be that I just can't accept that I would ever have anything good happen to me. I don't know but this is something that I really need to seek deep within and with God's help, discover the answer.

I would only guess that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Apr 9, 2008


I have set up a facebook page. I am connecting with a lot of old friends and some new ones as well, Check it out at

Apr 8, 2008

Right Now

I have been stuck thinking about how we tend to live in the future or the past. That we think that our best days are ahead of us or behind us, but our best day right now is the day that God has given us to live today.

I believe that too many in the younger generation think that their days of impact are in the future and too many in the older generation think that their days of making a difference are in the past. No!!!! You have a day today to live and live for Christ, live strong!!!

So seize today and whatever it brings, good or bad. Today is here now but this evening it will be gone never to be relived. Live it for Christ in all that you do!!

Mar 25, 2008

He is watching you!!

I will let you in on a little secret. I have always had a interest in clandestine activity. Really, I am not kidding. It partly comes from my father's career that included top secret work that he kept with him to his grave. I admire that character trait.

Many years ago I even looked into getting into the clandestine services of this country. One thing that "spies" do is watch. They watch and listen to governments and to people. Looking for information and patterns of behavior that prove to be useful to know. So everyday they are watching and listening to their target. Over time they learn their weakness, their times of vulnerability, their habits, and just when would be the best time to strike them.

Well, I have learned the you and I are targets of the clandestine services of the enemy of God. Yes your life is being studied and the "enemy" knows your weaknesses, when you are most vulnerable, and when to throw a temptation your way.

I find that I am most vulnerable to fear or frustration on Monday mornings. I expend so much energy on Sunday that I am emotionally and spiritually exhausted on Monday. I am vulnerable. It shouldn't surprise me that the day that I usually find a situation before me that is fearful or frustrating is Monday. Because of this I try to monitor my heart and emotions on Monday more than any other day.

I challenge you to get to know YOU like Hell does. Study your life, learn your moments of weakness, your unhealthy habits, and other things about you the Satan already knows and will use against you. Then when those vulnerable moments come you know to be on the look out and protect your heart against the attacks. He is watching and this ignorance is not bliss.

Mar 24, 2008

I am amazed and ready to dominate!

I work with the greatest people in the world. I really do. The staff and volunteers of Piedmont Church are what makes it the incredible church that it is.

We are about 6 1/2 months old and we had 530 people worship with us on Easter Sunday. If you are not into church planting let me tell you, that number is unheard of. I recently read a study of 2000 churches that are 5 years or less in age. That survey discovered that the average attendance of a church at 4 years old is right at 100 people. We hit 530 at only 6 1/2 months. AWESOME!

I am so pumped! God is moving and we are riding the wave. The interest that we are getting is largely because I have a church full of people who love people and love Christ. They go the extra mile to show the love of Christ to anyone and everyone.

I am so thankful for Christ and the work that he is doing through Piedmont Church.

Lets go DOMINATE this city for Jesus Christ!

Mar 19, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman made me mad

Ok, I went to a SCC concert recently. My 9 year old daughter found one of his old CDs we had and downloaded it to her ipod. She really liked it, so when I was given an opportunity to go to the concert I jumped at the chance.

I took Kenzie as my date, a little daddy daughter time. Well SCC has a song called Cinderella. It is a song about a dad and his daughter. It tells of how fast the little girl grows up and leaves.

Now I am not an outwardly emotional guy and I am uncomfortable around men who cry a lot, but I struggled with this song. About two minutes into the song I was talking to myself, "Don't cry, Don't cry, think happy thoughts." I made it through the song but just barely. So I am not real happy with that man right now.

I do realize that she is not going to remain my little girl forever and it makes me a little sad. There is something about that one little girl of mine that has a special place in my heart.

To you guys who think my teariness is a little wimpy, just wait till you begin to see your daughter grow up and become more is exciting and it sucks all at the same time!

Mar 9, 2008

I believe in you

I was thinking today how you rarely hear pastors say that they believe in their people. We tend to tell our people what they should do, get on them about what they are not, and teach them bible knowledge but that is about it.

Well, let me change that. I want you to know that if you are reading this...I believe in you and what is possible in your life. I believe that you are a person of incredible value, and no matter your past, your future potential is amazing. I believe in you so much because you are uniquely created by God with a potential and a future. Just as a Picasso painting is valuable because of who painted it, you have incredible value because of who created you.

I do not want to hear you say, "Not me, I have made so many mistakes." Join the crowd!! God is more consumed with what you can be than what you have done. That is what forgiveness is all about. It is time that you start looking at your tomorrow like God is a bright view.

If your today is dark because of circumstances out of your control, He is aware of that too and is prepared to walk you through to a better place.

I want you to know that there is a little, crazy, out-of-the-box preacher that believes in you, and a huge, eternal, uncontrollable God who does the same.

Have a Great Monday!

Mar 7, 2008

A work in progress

This morning at the Gathering a guy spoke about how he was a work in progress. That he realized that he was something that is not finished and that he was still being built.

I can not agree more. I think that so often we approach life as something in the future, a destination that we are suppose to one day arrive at and enjoy. So we are always thinking that real living is a future event. That is so wrong, life is a journey (or as one of my favorite songs go, "life is a highway") and the destination is death then judgment.

Listen to what it says in Acts 13:36, "36 For when David had served God's purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep." What this means is that David sought to live the purpose of God for him in whatever generation he was in at the time, and after that he died. In other words, life is about seeking to live the purpose of God in the teenage years as a teenager, then seek to live God's purpose as a 20 something when you are 20 something, and on and on. To often we live thinking that God's purpose is always something in the future, or we think that when we get to some stage or age in the future that then we will live God's purpose. No, God's purpose is always in the now.

I am convinced that we miss so much of what God has for us today because we are so consumed with trying to arrive to the future. Today you are not too young or too old for God to work in you and through you. Today could be the first day to living God's purpose that he has for you to live today, at this stage, in the generation that you are currently in...after that the only thing left to do is die.

Mar 5, 2008

The Power to Dominate

Ok, lets continue to wrap our minds around this idea of dominating the city for Christ. We must not strive for less or believe any less than that we can have an impact on the lives of people who are disconnected with God beyond what we imagine .

I believe that we have something working for us that is going to empower us to dominate the city. That being unity of vision. I have never worked in a church where there has been so many people with a clear understanding of the vision for the church. We are a church that provides environments that helps people connect with God and others no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. That is our focus. We work hard to communicate that we do not want people to put on masks or pretend they have it all together (we already know you are not perfect so don't try to convince us of anything different.) for we are about being real and relevant.

All our volunteers work hard to accept people, to lower anxiety that comes with going to church for the first time, and to create environments that cause those who are coming to want to bring their friends. There is an unexplainable excitement and power when you have a large number of people who in unity have this vision. It creates momentum.

In Luke 17 Jesus reminds us of the power found in a group of people who are working for one vision, "22 The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; 23 I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You sent Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me." Our passion to stay true to our vision, to invite those who share it to work with us, and to encourage those who do not to find another fine church is what unites us, and together we are going to dominate the city for the Glory of God.

You rock PC'ers!!!

Feb 29, 2008

Dominate continues

To continue my theme to dominate that I wrote about yesterday, I will let a brand new song by Chris Tomlin speak for our hearts for Macon. This song speaks to why Piedmont is here and why we are doing all that we are.

Feb 28, 2008


Jana, my wife, has always been a partner with me. She knows me well and keeps me moving in a great direction. She helps me see things that I may not see and she is my life's 2nd greatest cheerleader...Christ is my life's greatest cheerleader (and your's by the way).

My passion in starting Piedmont was to create something that is bigger than I am, something that would impact not only a group of people, but a city. Jana knows that and lately she has been using the word dominate a lot. She has spoken that word at just the right place and time to remind me that we must do what it takes to dominate the city.

We do not want to be quiet or fall into the mold of being that good little church of good little people down the street. No our desire is to dominate, to do whatever it takes to awaken people that there is a God that is pursing them. That our God is the God of this world and the God of this city...a God who has so much for us and is waiting for us to invite him to invade our everyday.

We are going to dominate. We love too much, long for so much, in need of so much, and want so much for others to encounter this amazing God that we can not do anything but dominate. We will not be quiet!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 27, 2008

Taking the city

I was at a conference last week and took 16 of our people with me. Being with them for those two days reminded me that I have great people around me. I am bless and God is blessing because of those who are walking with me on this journey that we call Piedmont Church.

I was energized by them. They have caused me to believe that we can impact this city for the glory of God. Now I know that may sound a little too TV evangelist for many, it kind of does to me...but I am serious. I think that it is time to not sit back and let institutional Christianity rule the day. It is time for a community of people to shout out that Jesus died to start a movement and not just another institution.

Think about it, the Church is outlawed in China, but yet the church exist there. They can not stop it. If Christianity was just an institution you could rid the world of it, but you can't stop a movement.

We should believe that God desires to use us to take this amazing movement to every office, household, marriage, friendship in this city. I say we refuse to be quite and start living like Christ and love the unlovable around us, invest in the given up on, believe that God can change the most rebellious heart, and come to Piedmont expecting that to happen.

I am tired of the institutionalize, dead, boring, irrelevant Jesus that is often presented to people on Sundays. That is not my Christ, and it is not what people are looking is time for an Uprising.

More to I have lost my mind, I am just fired up on what can be in your life and mine.

Feb 25, 2008

synchronized provisions

I was reading about the death of Moses(Deuteronomy 34) and the rise of Joshua (Joshua 1) as the new leader of this developing country called Israel. One things I noticed was that Moses and Joshua were very different men. Moses was the prophet, theologian, and leader. Joshua, on the other hand, was a warrior. Different men with different giftedness and talents doing the same job.

I love what it says about Moses at his death, "Since then no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face, for all the signs and wonders which the Lord sent him to perform in the land of Egypt against Pharaoh." When the Hebrews were in Egypt they were a race of people not a nation, and they hadn't heard from God in years. They were a broken people who really didn't know God any more. What they needed was a leader who would get them out of Egypt, remind them of the power of God, refresh them with what God desired, and galvanize them as a nation. That is what Moses did with his personality, his leadership, his teaching, and his miracles.

Years later they had become a nation, still with no land and wondering in the desert, they knew God, and there was a whole new generation of adults who are leading. They do not need to be re-introduced to God like their they needed the courage to fight for their land. God replaces Moses with Joshua. Joshua didn't perform all the miracles Moses did. He, instead, led them to fight with courage.

God knew what the Hebrew people needed and when they needed it. If God will do that for a nation he will do it for you. God knows exactly what you need in every season of life and he longs to provide it. He may not change your circumstances (the Hebrews still had to fight for their land.) but with synchronized precision he will provide what you need to conquer it.

We have seen that happen over and over at Piedmont. When a great need arrives God always seems to send a way for us to satisfy that need.

God is not just a provider of good things, but he is a synchronized provider.

Feb 23, 2008

The Unstoppable Movement

I was thinking today how when Jesus left this earth, he left it with no building in His name. There was not a place for those who loved him to go and worship. There was not a church building for His followers.

The reason is that Christianity is a movement, not an organization. Organizations are housed in buildings but movements can not be housed. Do not get me wrong, I am not opposed to church or church buildings...Piedmont just bought one. But in moving closer to our own permanent location we must not forget, Piedmont Church is not to be a Christian club or organization but a part of a huge movement. A movement that began over 2000 years ago and still going strong. A movement that brings incredible life change to anyone who responds.

A movement that I believe can have a huge impact on the city of Macon and all of central Georgia. A movement that will blow your mind. So if are a Christian, join the movement and follow Christ as he leads out in your life. If you are not, come to Piedmont Church, 10:30, Sunday and check out the movement.

Feb 22, 2008

What would I do

I asked previously what you would do with your last 24 hours if you knew it was your last 24 hours. I am intrigued by that question. I find that when I think like that my mind is immediately taken to what is really important, to what I know has lasting value.

Sadly, I often live as if all my tomorrows will be like my today, but they will not. Sure, I may not die real soon but I might. What I do know is that my children are going to grow up and not want me to play with them so much, my strength will not be as present and I will not be able do as much, I also know that today I have opportunities to do things for Christ that will not be available in the future. I know this to be true.

The end result is that iIwant to live like there is no tomorrow, I want to believe God for BIG things and live like I believe it, I want to go crazy loving my kids and wife, and I want to live large today for my tomorrow will not be like my today. It might even be better, but it will be different.

Are you live large enough?

Jan 17, 2008

Only one day to live-part one

Ok, here is something that has passed by my mind recently. If tomorrow, 9 AM, you were told that you have only 24 hours to live...what would you do with that day? Respond in the comment section and tell me.

Jan 16, 2008


Fear is not my friend. Generally I am a fearless, running straight ahead, charge the hill kind of guy. But on occasion fear sneaks into my life and tries to lay claim to my heart and emotions. I had one of those moments today. Some news was told to me that got my heart battling with fear. It can really cripple you if you let it. Christ tells us that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but sometimes it feels that I have season tickets.

I am amazed at what Satan will do to get us distracted. He studies my life and knows the exact situations when I am most vulnerable. At that moment he attacks with news that drags me into the pit of fear.

But I will not let fear win. I work, in those moments, to choose to believe that which my emotions seem to forget. My Father, my God, my forever Dad is also the author of everything. The cross reminds me that he is totally committed to me, and the His empty grave reminds me of what he is capable of doing. Then why fear? Why let myself get distracted by buying into all that which I feel. No, I choose to believe that I can do anything...ANYTHING with my God.

My challenge to you is to relentlessly battle to put fear in its place. When it comes focus on what God has done for you, look to the scripture to see what he has promised and is capable of doing. Never give up to fear...never...never give up.

Jan 4, 2008

I am sitting in Panera Bread. I am a people watcher and this is an interesting place to do it. It is times like this that I am reminded of the creative capacity of God. All you have to do is to look at the people around us and see that God creatively put us uniquely together. You are unique!!!

If that is true, than why do we spend our days trying to be like everyone else. We want what everyone else has, wears, drives, etc. It is time to acknowledge and celebrate that God has made us and a life the is unique to each of us...accept it, live it, and enjoy it.

Jan 3, 2008


I ran into a Minister of Music the other day that was challenging me in why we are doing church the way we do. He is at an established denominational church that has not changed anything in decades (not that that is wrong but it gives you idea of his perspective). Our talk was good and in the end he was very supportive. Later, however, I was sitting in my office at the house and I thought about his question of why we are doing church in a way that presents Christ in such a creative and compelling way. Something begin to stir in me, the more I thought about the more fired up I became.

My answer to this question is really simple...We do it because hopelessness is a reality, loneliness is a reality, and most of all Hell is a reality. People are really going to hell and existing forever without any hope of relief and we can't stand by and do little or nothing. We only have our one lifetime to help reverse that in people's live and the rest of eternity to focus on ourselves. So like Christ, we are more focused on going after the one that is lost than just hanging out with the ninety nine that are found. We have this passion because hell is a reality.