Apr 8, 2009

Passion and Wisdom

Today I listen to someone and afterwards I found myself thinking that passion without wisdom is very dangerous. Passion is a good thing and it causes people to want to follow you, it causes you to be committed to a plan or cause, and keeps you moving forward. However, passion alone is not healthy. Passion without wisdom is like a race car with the throttle wide open but without a steering wheel. It can create havoc.

Also, having a "good heart" is not a substitute for wisdom. I will hear people talk about a decision someone made and say that their heart was right, good, pure, or sincere. As if that means that anything they do or decide is right and good. I know a lot of people that have done the wrong thing fully believing it was the right thing. What they lacked was not passion or a "right heart," what they lacked was wisdom.

I guess this is why God challenges us to pray for wisdom. He tells us to ask for it and he will give it liberally.

So today ask God to give you wisdom and I believe he will begin to take you through things that will do just that.

Apr 5, 2009

Sunday Evening Reflections

Thoughts about Sunday at PC:
-We did communion today and to be humbly honest...it was awesome. I have no doubt that we took people back to the cross. I had one tell me that she was so impacted that she did the "ungly cry."
-I really think that today we reclaimed communion from the meaningless religious activity that it has become in many churches. Sorry, I never like to criticize other churches but I am passionate about this, maybe a little angry too.
-Band rocked and the songs selection was very good
-Chuck, who drives the All-star Kids Long Trailer, is incredible. We could not do it without you.
-We challenged the a lot of volunteers today with changes to our regular procedures in several things and they, like always, adapted like a champ.
-I needed to be at PC today because I needed to be reminded that God is madly in love with me, and that is what we did.

Next week is Easter and I am looking forward to it.

Apr 3, 2009


I know, i have been so AWOL with my blogs. I just got out of the habit and keep wanting to post but never did. The result is nothing got done, even though my heart had good intentions.

I wonder how many of us have great intentions in our heart but are AWOL on action. We want to be a better husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, but we don't put action behind that "good heart." We want to be a better employee, boss...we want to lead our family to know Christ better...we want to have have a better whatever...and the list goes on.

The problem is that nothing gets done because, though we have the right heart, we lack initiative. Scripture tells us that "those who don't work, don't eat." Isn't it time to not allow the "my heart is good" thinking stop us from acting. Ask yourself right now, "What is the one thing you really need to do that you have put off, and off, and off from doing?" Go now and make one step in that direction and ask God to guide you. You just might find that a new chapter in your life begins now.