May 13, 2008

Tornado Cleanup

Wow! That is my response to both the destruction of the tornado and the response of Piedmont Church. We made a call for PC to help with the debris cleanup and within a few hours we had around 30 people to help remove branches. We had about the same number of residents of the so called "rough" neighborhoods that we were in to come out and help. We had an army of people. White and Black working next to each other, laughing, helping, and doing what needed to be done. It was an amazing scene.

To see a slide show go to our family blog at

In the end we did what the church should always do and that is help people. We ended up clearing 5 major street blockings, a driveway for an elder couple, and removed a tree laying on a car. The people we helped were amazed and shocked.

I can not thank enough the people who came to help. I know that God is going to honor you for it. It was incredible and we dominated the area with the grace of Jesus Christ.

May 11, 2008

What a day

Well we had some type of weather today. It appears that no one was killed in the tornado that hit Macon, I am glad for that.

We did not have church at PC because of the power outage, and I get really bummed when I am unable to connect with the people of PC and preach.

I was amazed with the number of our leaders who showed up and helped to get set up just in case the power came on, and when we made the call to cancel the service they stayed to help pack up. We have the coolest volunteers at PC. I love you guys.

Oh, and I have to tell mother's day message was awesome. Oh well.

See you next week.

May 5, 2008

My Thoughts on Leadership

A lot of talk has surfaced about leadership. From the candidates for president to the blogs of well known church leaders, everyone is trying bring clarity to what leadership looks like. I will throw in my thoughts.

I think that the best definition of leadership is found in one word...influence. Leadership is influence. Leadership is not a position, not a responsibility, nor is it a job title. Anyone can become a leader when they become someone who influences others.

I have often seen situations in workplaces where someone other than the one with the "boss" title is getting people to get things done. That person may not have the title of leader but because they are influencing people they ARE a leader.

You can be a leader in your work, your home, your friendships when you begin to become an influence. Great leaders in all these arenas understand that leadership is influence and strive to become a positive influence to all whom God places in their path.

Go, be a leader today!

May 2, 2008

Five on Friday

Here are five things that I am thinking about today:

1. I am running for president in four years. If the three that are current contenders are the best that America has to offer...I have a chance. Who should be my VP?

2. I can't wait for Sunday. I love seeing people, I love challenging people, and I love what is happening in our kids and students, and I love seeing God do his thing.

3. I have a baseball (Colton) and a softball (Kenzie) game tomorrow and I get fired up at those things. I am pretty sure that I will not get ejected from the game, but I get intense as the season goes on. I hope the "Blues" (umpires) are ready. I hope you know that I am kidding about the getting ejected...well kinda kidding.

4. I was reminded this morning that the best response to many things in life is laughter.

5. I live believing that "life is terminal, live strong."