Sep 29, 2010


Job 13:15
Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him; I will surely defend my ways to his face.

This verse amazes me. Job is talking about God in the midst of heartbreak. He first recognizes that he is experiencing the pain partly because God is not stopping it. God could stop the pain but he wasn't so Job says, "Though he slay me." That is a hard thing to ponder, that God could do something about our painful circumstances and chooses not to. That choice is what is right, but still hard to think.

He goes on to say that despite this he is not going to stop trusting Him. He goes on to say that he is going to speak honestly before God, but not stop trusting him.

I know what he is feeling. There have been times in my life when I yell out to God. I knew that my God could change things and yet they were not changing. I couldn't understand that, and it left me with a continue to trust Him, or go my own way.

I refer to this verse a lot. I hope that I will never lose hope to trust in Christ even when my heart is screaming, "Dont trust Him, He's the one that won't change things."

Like Job I desire to trust Him, and I still argue with him occasion.

Sep 28, 2010

Belief or a Journey

My heart is heavy these days because of what I see. It seems that the world, not to mention churches, is filled with people who have made the decision to follow Christ, to believe in Him, but why then is the world is not filled, not to mention churches, with people who are growing disciples of Jesus Christ? Why then do we not see churches and the world filled with people who's lives are taking on the character of God?

I think that somewhere along the way we were taught that being a follower of Jesus Christ is about having the right beliefs. That we must "believe in Him," and that is true, Jesus did call us to believe that He is the only God and died for our life. But belief it the starting line, not the destination. Being a Christ follower is more about a on-going journey than a set of beliefs. It is about seeing each day as a day gifted by God to seek Him in all things. It is a journey that has a lot of twists and turns, sunny and rainy days, laughter and crying, but it is a journey most of all to be enjoyed.

I think that we get so distracted in thinking life is about believing the right things about Jesus, and then going and doing life, making a paycheck, establishing a lifestyle, living comfortably, that we end up as people who never grow beyond just having the right beliefs about Jesus.

There is so much more that God has for you, right now. Hold on to your beliefs and then enjoy the journey. Get into scripture, look for Him at work, listen for Him to speak in a conversation with a friend, hear Him speak through the worship at Piedmont. See each day as another leg in this incredible journey that God has created for you called life.

So go...enjoy the journey.

Apr 13, 2010

Are you Magic Rocks or a Guitar?

Sunday I was speaking about how we often get into an identity crisis because we lose an understanding of who we are. In Christ we are not only a product of the explosive creative power of God, but a masterpiece in His eyes that he claims as a part of his private collection. That will never change, I will never lose that.

Though I never lose who I am in Christ, there is a battle going on for my understanding of who I am. When that understanding is stolen from me...I get into an identity crisis and instead of having a life of courage and confidence I have one of fear and discouragement. It doesn't have to be this way.

It is the difference between magic rocks and a guitar. Magic rocks are a toy product that you place in a container and in a matter of hours they grow into small stalagmites. They are colorful, but meaningless. Most of the time they are given as gifts and after a few days they are thrown away...meaningless product.

Oh the other hand, a guitar, when placed in the hands of someone with the skill to play it, can create music that moves, inspires, and challenges people. People can point to a song that impacted them, but no one ever says that their life was changed by magic rocks.

Do you think of your life as more like magic rocks (there is movement, color, busy happenings but it all seems a little meaningless) or a guitar (something that when I place myself in the hands of God can create something that is powerful for me and others.) As long as you let the words of others, the culture, and your circumstances shape your understanding of who you are, you will always feel more like meaningless magic rocks than a guitar that God can use.

Today commit to renew your personal pursuit of God so he can give clarity as to who you are, and help you see you like he sees you.

Apr 8, 2010

Who Am I?

I have not been blogging lately, it is amazing how often things will get in the way of things that you love.

Today I am pondering how I am called in Ephesians 2:10 that I am God's "workmanship." That word in the the original language carries with it the idea of a fine piece of art, or poetry. I literally means that my existence is a sonnet penned by God himself. That sounds impressive. Poetry is an art form in which the author pours his heart into every word, it is intentional, it is passionate, it is personal. I am told that is my identity from God's perspective. That is reality.

That may be reality, but so often i do not feel that is my reality. I often feel average, tired, and and maybe even forgotten. What I am and how I view myself are often two different things...Why is that?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

Here is what I think as I read the stories of the scripture:

1. I don't choose to believe God. God tells me how valuable I am to him, that I am His sonnet, but I often choose to embrace my emotions more than choose to believe. Every moment we have an opportunity to decide what will lead us. We will either choose to be led by a choice or by an emotion. I can choose to believe that I am prized by God and today is a day to live as such, or I will let my life be led by the current emotions. What is leading your life today? Sometimes you just have to tell your emotions to SHUT-UP.

2. Lifestyle gets in the way - This goes to the question, "Is Christianity a set of beliefs or a lifestyle to embrace (and I am not talking about just a moral code)?" I think we get tired and frustrated when we strive to live by the perceived "Christian Code" more than we strive just to constantly ask, "Jesus, where/how can I submit my life to you right now? What is not under your leadership, and how do I get it there?" So often I think we reduce a life with Christ to a set of norms--is that ever powerful?

3. I need to enjoy what I have. So often I lose the joy of a moment because of instead of enjoying what I have, I am more consumed with what I don't.

Your thoughts?

Mar 4, 2010

Speaking at Tattnall Square Academy

I am speaking at the Tattnall Square Academy's Spring Refuge (March 23rd-March 25th). Tattnall is a large private school in Middle Georgia and Refuge is their three day "revival" type event.

I have a real passion to challenge this student generation to live all out for Jesus Christ. I believe that they are the searching generation, and if they look to Christ, they could accomplish great things for the Kingdom. I want to challenge them in that, awaken their hearts to what could be.

We need this generation to remind us that following Jesus is not about adding Jesus to our's about always seeking his desire in all things in our life, and altering our life to that desire. In my view, my generation and the ones before me have largely forgotten that. We need to be awaken.

So pray for my time with them, begin now to pray for the students, pray for God's Spirit to fill that place. Partner with me and pray for this everyday from now until March 25th.

Mar 3, 2010

Why I do what I do

I am back into blog land. Today I am reminded why I do what I do, and why Piedmont is so important. The following is what someone "Facebooked" me who lives too far from Macon to attend Piedmont...but he attends by podcast.

What a GREAT message, I've listened via the web the last 2 weeks.
As a Christian, I know that He's in that "dark room" and sadly I usually
have my hands in my pockets, until I run into something that trips me
up, it's only then that I reach out to Him to break my "fall". My prayer
this week is that that my hands not be in my pockets, but they will be
constant in the "gropping" for Him and His guidance in the "dark room"
as well as His leadership in the "well lighted" areas in my life!
God Bless You my Friend, and may God continue to use you in great ways!!

That fires me up!!! Big announcement this Sunday, do not forget.

Jan 4, 2010

Still getting unleashed

Wow, I love Sunday. I love showing people that God wants is to blow our minds if we would take the risk and get unleashed with Him.

Now getting unleashed is not usually an overnight event. To truly live unleashed for Christ is a big change that is the result of a focused commitment to some small steps. Its like when Nehemiah saw that the walls of Jerusalem were down and that the city was in ruins. He didn't just wait for God to show up and make a big change. No, he challenge all the people to pick up a brick, not to throw it at someone, but to put is down on top of another brick, and keep taking the small bricks and stacking them on one another.

Over time each small brick built a big wall. Small steps can lead to big changes. Big changes in our lives usually happen when we commit ourselves to taking small step that we know that God desires for us to take. That small step, along with other small steps, leads to big changes.

The reason that many people never get unleashed for Christ is because they give-up on daily taking small steps. They want instant big change or they will give up trying, and the the "desolate city" in their life is never rebuilt.

Have you asked God, "What are my small step that I can commit to today and tomorrow that will one day lead to some big changes?" He is waiting to talk with you.