Sep 28, 2010

Belief or a Journey

My heart is heavy these days because of what I see. It seems that the world, not to mention churches, is filled with people who have made the decision to follow Christ, to believe in Him, but why then is the world is not filled, not to mention churches, with people who are growing disciples of Jesus Christ? Why then do we not see churches and the world filled with people who's lives are taking on the character of God?

I think that somewhere along the way we were taught that being a follower of Jesus Christ is about having the right beliefs. That we must "believe in Him," and that is true, Jesus did call us to believe that He is the only God and died for our life. But belief it the starting line, not the destination. Being a Christ follower is more about a on-going journey than a set of beliefs. It is about seeing each day as a day gifted by God to seek Him in all things. It is a journey that has a lot of twists and turns, sunny and rainy days, laughter and crying, but it is a journey most of all to be enjoyed.

I think that we get so distracted in thinking life is about believing the right things about Jesus, and then going and doing life, making a paycheck, establishing a lifestyle, living comfortably, that we end up as people who never grow beyond just having the right beliefs about Jesus.

There is so much more that God has for you, right now. Hold on to your beliefs and then enjoy the journey. Get into scripture, look for Him at work, listen for Him to speak in a conversation with a friend, hear Him speak through the worship at Piedmont. See each day as another leg in this incredible journey that God has created for you called life.

So go...enjoy the journey.

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