Jun 30, 2008

They punched the lock

We came out to the Expedition after Colton's All-star game only to find that someone had punched the lock and stole Jana's purse and the GPS that I borrowed (great, now I have to buy a new one that I didn't want to do...that is the reason I borrowed one.) and I was ticked. By the time we got home they had charged over $500 to our credit cards.

You know, if they would have broken into any other vehicle it would not have bothered me as much. The minute they broke into MY vehicle it became personal. The reason was because it was MINE! I wanted to kicked some buttie...in Jesus name of course.

This all reminds me that the scripture tells us that all who follow Christ are considered by God as His "very own possession." That means that because I am HIS, he takes everything that happens to me very personal. He celebrates my greatest days, cries at my worst moments, and will one day repay those who hurt me without remorse. That knowledge creates something within me that is needed to thrive...HOPE!

In Christ you are His and that draws His focused, loving, and passionate attention to your every moment. Be encouraged.

Jun 24, 2008

Braves Game

I went to the Braves game tonight. I sat on the second row behind the Brave's dugout. I could have almost reached out and smack Chipper Jones on the head if I had wanted to. The first base ump made a terrible call and boy did he get heckled for about 15 minutes by one guy.

The guy went on, and on, and on, and on. We were all so close so there is no doubt that the ump heard this guy. The guy finally stopped and announced to all who could hear, "I have waited all my life to yell at an ump who could actually hear me." I laughed, no doubt his first time to sit that close.

There is something powerful that happens when you believe that you are being heard. Maybe that is why we don't pray like we should. Maybe in our minds we are still waiting to get close enough to God to believe that we are close enough for Him to finally hear us.

The scripture is clear, God hears. He hears every beat of your heart, every word on your lips, and every thought in your head. He is listening. Ask God to help you to get to a place where you are emotionally convinced that He hears. When you get to that place you just might be amazed at the resulting passion for prayer that is created within you.

Jun 23, 2008

Sunday Thoughts

Here are some thoughts from yesterday;

--The PC volunteers are so incredible. Seriously, they do an amazing job in getting our environments ready each Sunday and I am blown away.

--I believe that if we believed that God is going to do a God-size thing through PC that we would dominate the city with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

--I am thankful that the people of PC are willing to be audacious for Jesus Christ.

--It takes more work to be focused on outsiders than insiders. You PC folks understand that and I an grateful.

--Satan hates Piedmont Church

--My batteries are recharged when people tell me that God is using PC to inspire and/or change them. If PC has impacted your life email your story to mystory@piedmontchurch.net

Jun 17, 2008


I have a relative whom I have never met that robbed a bank recently...no kidding. Oddly, I want to fly out to meet him and discover his story. His mother has died and no one is really able to be there with him. He is near my age and I feel for him in a way.

I find myself curious to have a relative who has robbed a bank, but I am also angry. This relative is from my father's side of the family and carries the Dingmore name. I get angry that in at least one town he has tarnished my last name. I feel that he had a responsibility to wear our family name well, but he chose not to. That, honestly, make me mad.

This whole strange event has caused me to ask myself, "How am I wearing my God's name?" As a Christ follower I wear the name of Christ in a public way, and though I am not perfect I still have the responsibility of wearing it well. I now realize that the questions that I should ask myself before acting or speaking are, "How does what I am about to do reflect on His name? Is this the behavior of someone who is wearing the name of Christ well?" I bet if I ask these questions often I would have parts of my lifestyle radically changed...how about you?

Jun 5, 2008

My volunteers rock!

The following is a blog entry I ran across of Casey Graham who spoke last week:

Okay, I had a BLAST at Piedmont Church in Macon, GA. Jerry Dingmoreis a GREAT leader and pastor. They are 8 months old averaging 350 in attendance. Today was the last week of their Big and Rich series. He had me down to do an on stage interview. I can't believe how well received it was. It doesn't matter if I am in Cumming, Ga or Macon, Ga or anywhere else — EVERYONE DEALS WITH FINANCES! FYI if you are church planter or leader, YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT THIS CHURCH. They had some of the BEST volunteers I have ever been around in my life. They really did have it together.

Jun 3, 2008

Your One Prayer

This Sunday We will be kicking off the ONE PRAYER series in which we are partnering with over 1200 church worldwide.

This Sunday I will be talking about my one prayer for Piedmont Church. In getting ready I want you to give me your one prayer for your church, whatever church you attend. Leave your prayer by clicking on the comments button below.

I have an odd relationship with my blog

I have this love-hate relationship with my blog. I love writing in it at times and at other times it I hate it and I get off habit. I have been off habit for a while but have returned.