Jan 5, 2009

First Sunday 2009

Being off for the holidays I wasn't sure what to expect for the first Sunday of 2009. To be honest I was wondering if me and the everyone else would be a little off their game. Well that didn't happen.

It was a great day and here are some of my reflections:

1. The Band did a great job, really nailed it this past Sunday.

2. We did have a computer glitch with a program but the production folks handled it with speed.

3. We had a great crowd and there was a great excitement in the air.

4. I was really pumped about the response to the message. It seemed that everyone was really grasping the encouraging truth of where we all stand with God.

5. I really can not think of a better way we could have started 2009.

Thanks to everyone who make each week happen!!!!!!