Aug 25, 2008


Our response to this House series has been great. I found it odd yet encouraging yesterday when Curt Montgomery mentioned in the "welcome" that this series has been great, a lot of people started clapping.

I am not sure if I have ever had applause for just mentioning a series. I think that us talking about parenting hits a cord with many people. Parenting is a tough job.

Here are some highlights from the series:

--Every child from birth is heading to the same unstoppable destination called independence.

--Our greatest job is not to get them through school, into marriage, a job, or leave them a wad of money. Our job is to help nurture and shape their character so that they are ready to live independence well.

--Character shaping does not just happen, you have to be intentional.

--The average parent has 3000 unscheduled hours a year with their child and the average child attends church 40 hours a year. Who has the greater impact? Whatever you want in your children, work on it being real in you.

--When it comes to guidelines, guardrails, and discipline remember the two Cs-consistency and clarity. Give both when you give expectations and discipline.

--One of the unique characteristics of the American family is how well the parents obey the children. Who has the greatest influence in your house? Ok, really think about this before you answer.

We finish the series this weekend, see you there.

Aug 21, 2008

last night

I met with several of the leaders of Piedmont Church last night. The leaders of Piedmont are not a group of men on a board making decisions...that is the staff's job. No, the leaders of Piedmont are the men and women who serve others on Sunday. To be a leader it is simple...serve somebody.

I had them together to talk about the Verge effort. It is very important to understand that the Verge effort is not simply a campaign to raise money to get into our building. We do hope that we raise money, but it is so much more than that.

We did not set a dollar goal for the Verge effort, instead made our goal getting everyone at PC that we can to seek God earnestly during the campaign. I believe that we will see some people's lives changed and we will get to raise some money.

I challenge all who attend PC to seek God over the next several weeks and ask two things:

1. God what is the one things you desire out of me at this stage of my life? What ever it is God I will do it.

2. God what would you have me do to help Piedmont take this next step for we are on the Verge of something even greater than what we have seen you do?

Pray those things everyday and lets see what God does.

Aug 17, 2008

Sunday Evening Thoughts

I go to bed a blessed man tonight because
*I am loved by a God who shouldn't
*I am married to most amazing and beautiful girl
*I am loved by 3 little faces
*I work with a great staff-Thanks Curt, Greg, Val, Brad, Tori, and Jana. You are awesome and I am glad that God has you on the PC Team. You guys move me.
*I get to lead a church that is more about the movement of Christ than being another "Christian Club" church.
*I serve along side some of the most incredible volunteers. You are the engine that moves PC forward.
*Next week I begin to help coach several little guys (1st and 2nd graders) in the game of football. An opportunity to invest into future young men.
*I get to help people discover that God has so much more than they are living right now. I love helping people find that peace, security, and hope that God has for each of us.

I will sleep well tonight.

Aug 6, 2008


Well I am ending a week with the family and have had a great time. I have been thinking about our Verge effort coming up. What an opportunity we have.

Piedmont Church has lifted off the ground with great success. For a new church start we are doing great. I am so proud of the volunteers and staff that have gotten us to this place. I really get overwhelmed when I think about it.

Verge is what we are calling our next step. I define the word Verge as that point beyond which something new breaks out. I think that is where PC is, we are at that point in which we are about to launch into a new level of ministry. We have accomplish so much without a facility but it has also limited us. I have no doubt that our potential is sky high in helping people get connected to Jesus Christ in a real and meaningful way, but we need the resources to get there and our building is a huge needed resource.

Understand that a getting a building is not our goal. No, our goal is life change in people, the building is just a tool to help us accomplish this. I ask you that if you read this blog, even if you do not go to PC, pray and see if God has you to help us dominate this city with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. I am excited for Piedmont Church and for Middle Georgia as PC with your help moves to a new level.

Aug 2, 2008

going home

I have had a great time in CA. The people are great and right now I stopped on my way to the airport in a park right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

If I look out the opposite way of the bridge I see Alcatraz. Cool spot!

As cool as this place is there is nothing like going home. Home to see all the faces that I love to see. My partner in life, Jana, and those three crazy kids God has blessed us with.

I look out to Alcatraz and wonder what Al Capone thought as he was confined there, unable to go home. I think of all the homeless who have no home to go to, and to those who's home has fallen apart and they wish so much they could put it back together. My heart hurts for them and because I know that I have a home and I can't wait to get there.

Aug 1, 2008

Have Fun in CA

The last two night at Family Camp have been great. The people have been responsive and I have really enjoyed the discussions. Good people.

I took one afternoon and drove to Santa Cruz and went to Steamer Lane. It is a famous surfing spot in California. I enjoyed standing on the cliffs and watching the surfers below. Something you do not get to see on the East Coast.

I have also been blown away by the Redwoods. These things are huge! It is hard to describe how tall they are...God is one creative dude. Only a fool in his heart can stand where I am, look at all this, and say that there is not God. The complexity of the creation screams that there is a designer.

Missing my Family big time.

Tomorrow I will write and tell you of someone I want to you pray for.