Apr 29, 2008

People say strange things

The following is a blog written by Perry Noble who is a church planter who's church has become a beacon for many church plants. I recently starting reading his blog and laughed at this one and knew you had to read it. I think that it applies to Piedmont for I hear things like this being said about us. I will give you my thoughts after you read this blog entry.

Apparently I Pulled My Pants Down!!!
Posted: 23 Apr 2008 06:10 AM CDT
OK…so the rumor mill has stirred up another one.

I've heard tons of them…that there is a statue of me in the building, that I preach with my shirt off, that people have to show their tax returns to join our church and that we have a secret parking garage underneath the building. (The last one WOULD be really cool…but no, it’s not true!)

But this last one…when I heard it…I was speechless.

A gentleman in our church knew that God wanted him to join…but before doing so he wanted to have lunch with his soon to be former pastor to thank him for his ministry and share with him that he really felt that God was leading him and his family to begin attending NewSpring Church.

His pastor, upon finding out that the church he was going to be attending was NewSpring, said, “Well Bob (fake name!), you need to be very careful because I know for a fact from a very reliable source that the pastor over there pulled his pants down one Sunday to try to illustrate a point–and I think that is ungodly!”

OK…I know I drink lots of coffee…and that I often say & do crazy things…but I am around 110% sure that I’ve never pulled my pants down–ever! WOW…oh my dang!!!

I thought about that other pastor a lot last weekend. To my knowledge we’ve never met; however, I found it very interesting that he was very willing to assume the worse about me just because he had “a very reliable source.”

Confession–I’ve done the same thing before…all pastors have. We hear something about someone who we perceive to be some sort of threat…and instead of doing our homework we assume it’s true because we want to believe it.

This encounter REALLY taught me a few lessons…

I have found that when you have vision and are trying to impact an area for Christ that many will try to derail you from that vision. If you have no vision people will leave you alone.

I have found that...
If you are not being told that it can't be done...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not being talked about in good and bad ways...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not a threat to "professional" Christians...your vision is probably not from God.
If you are not being told to calm down...your vision is probably not from God.
If you do not feel like you will explode unless you do it...your vision is probably not from God.

If you hear any wacky accusation said about Piedmont Church that you know is not true. Don't get mad, just wear is as a badge of honor knowing that it simply means we have a God size vision. Don't play the same game, lets live above it.

Apr 24, 2008

One Prayer

I am really excited about something that Piedmont Church is going to be a part of in June. We are going to join 100s of churches around the world and become one for the month of June. We are going to be a part of the One Prayer event beginning June 8th.

This is how it works. On June 8th I will preach a message that expresses my One Prayer for us at Piedmont. All the churches that are a part of One Prayer will have their Lead/Senior Pastor do the same. The the following three week every church will have other Pastor's preach to their churches through video. At Piedmont we will have three of the very best communicators speak to us through video personally selected by me. I will have many communicators to choose from and will select those who have a message for us to hear. Every church will be doing this. It will be a awesome time of unified focus.

Jesus prayed that the Father would make us, as Christians, one so that people will see Christ in the midst of that unity. One Prayer I believe will be an answer to that prayer.

I am so excited, and I hope you are as well.

For more information go to www.oneprayer.com and begin to pray that God will use this in a awesome way in our lives at Piedmont.

Apr 23, 2008

If you don't read this God is going to hurt you

OK, the title of this blog is over the top, but so are many of the emails that I get. I seem to be a magnetic for the "if you forward this email to 5 friends then God is going to bless you" emails. Though they differ from each other a little, the message is basically the same. It tells me that if I forward an email then that is the key that opens the door to getting God to bless my life.

Come on, I know that those who forward those emails really can't believe that. Surely you do not believe that God is setting up there with a big Mac computer (God would use Apple over a Windows based computer because Apple is cool and so is God) watching who forwards these emails, and his blessing is based on if you forward an email that really doesn't have any content in it other than to tell you to forward?

Please tell me that you really are not going to make knowing God about forwarding an email. Listen, God wants to bless you. He wants you to know him, to learn from him, obey him, trust him, follow him...and when this becomes a part of your everyday way to live...he will bless you.

If you want to use email to attract God's blessing, then do the following:
1. Hit "New message" button on your email program.
2. Put in the address of a someone you know or have met.
3. Write an email encouraging them, thanking them, supporting them, etc.
4. Hit the "Send" button.

Do that often and you will attract the blessing of God and of a lot of other people.

Apr 15, 2008


Remember when Popeye got so fed up that he would say, "I can't stanz it, I can't stanz it no more." It was then that he had to do something, he just couldn't sit by and not act.

I am often asked how does one know when God is leading them in something or to do something. I believe that God will bring you to something much more that a "feeling" that you need to do something. He will create a Popeye moment in your heart. There will be something inside of you that demands a response in you. In your heart you will say that "I can't stanz it, I can't stanz it no more." One well known pastor calls it a holy discontent.

This is why we started Piedmont Church. It wasn't because we just wanted to, we simply couldn't stand by and do nothing...we had to act.

I convinced that as you seriously follow Christ he will stir you and bring you to Popeye moments. It is a process and often you will see it coming if your looking. Are you looking?

Apr 11, 2008


I know that I am running a risk talking about Oprah. So don't be hate'n. I know that she is promoting a new way of thinking about God and life these days...another name for that is Theology. She is promoting a new Theology. Actually, it is not new because much of it dates back to the time of the scripture. It has several elements of what was called gnosticism, but that is a whole other story.

What I find interesting is that she is viewed by many as a expert on relationships like marriage, parenting, and the like. I am sure she has views on these topics and her views could have some redeeming value. But the woman has chosen to bypass the marriage commitment, and she is not a parent. That is like me teaching you how to become great at soccer, oh and by the way, I don't play the game. Doesn't make much sense to me.

You would do better to DVR American Idol instead, then when you want advice on marriage, family, or relationships, find someone whom you have observed who has built a great marriage and who has raised kids who you want yours to be like. Get to know her, ask her for advice, and seek the input from someone who has walked well where you want to walk.

Oprah, I am thankful for the refrigerator that I have from you, but a relationship mentor you are not.

Apr 10, 2008

What do I think about God?

I have had several good things happen to me over the last few months. During this time of blessing I also feel like something bad is about to happen. I am kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop...why is that?

I wonder if it is because deep down I do not really believe that God will bless me, or is it because I know that the enemy of God attacks when we are being blessed, or could it be that I just can't accept that I would ever have anything good happen to me. I don't know but this is something that I really need to seek deep within and with God's help, discover the answer.

I would only guess that I am not the only one who feels this way.

Apr 9, 2008


I have set up a facebook page. I am connecting with a lot of old friends and some new ones as well, Check it out at


Apr 8, 2008

Right Now

I have been stuck thinking about how we tend to live in the future or the past. That we think that our best days are ahead of us or behind us, but our best day right now is the day that God has given us to live today.

I believe that too many in the younger generation think that their days of impact are in the future and too many in the older generation think that their days of making a difference are in the past. No!!!! You have a day today to live and live for Christ, live strong!!!

So seize today and whatever it brings, good or bad. Today is here now but this evening it will be gone never to be relived. Live it for Christ in all that you do!!