Sep 16, 2009

Setting the Mood

Think about this question. In the relationships and arenas of your life do you tend to be a thermometer or a thermostat? A thermometer just reflects the temperature of the room, while a thermostat determines the temperature of a room. That is a powerful illustration if you think about it.

It is soooo easy to be a thermometer in life. Allowing circumstances or someone else to determine our mood, attitude, and actions. Yet when you look in scripture, God challenges us to be thermostat by first asking in every situation what God and His Word has to say about the situation? What attitude, response, or actions should I project here that would bring on the applause of God? When we do this, we begin to be a influencer on the "temperature" in the relationship, the group, or the people under us, and can help move them/it in the direction that God desires.

Which will you be today?

Sep 9, 2009

Organic verses Programed

I on occasion will get someone encouraging me to get more programs started to get people studying about God. To set up class after class on knowing God. They tend to think that discipleship is programed. I don't agree. Well really I do and I don't.

I am writing this because I am about to institute some programs that will help people to learn to pursue Christ. So I am not an "anti-church program" guy. However, I do believe that spiritual maturity is far more organic than programed. I believe that most of the time it comes from our own pursuit of God, and not poured into us in a classroom. Now it is hard to grow without knowledge and classroom settings are a good place to get knowledge, but additional knowledge does not automatically produce growth. If fact going to bible study after bible study can actually hinder growth. It can leave you feeling mature, but you might just be informed about God and not mature in a relationship with God.

Growth is more organic. It comes as we invite into our lives those things needed to grow us (see previous blog entries on this). It comes as we look for God in every facet of our lives. Growth is ongoing and constant.

You can also be a catalyst for growth in others, It is simple, pursue Christ and look around for people along the way that you can invest in. You don't have to take a mentoring class or be sanctioned by the church, just invest in them. I am sure that as you do you will be long remember as the guy who made a difference.