May 4, 2009


Have you ever had something that seemed so basic and simple trouble you. Today I was thinking about all the potential that we are seeing realized at Piedmont Church, and all that we could do. In all that I found myself saying, "If only we could get..., If only we could develop..., if only we could...." I then got up from my desk to get a refill of Diet Coke and I said out loud, "God you know our need."

I said it half as a prayer and half in frustration. All of a sudden that simple phrase hit me like a ton of bricks...He DOES know our needs. He really does. He knows what we are capable of and what we need to take
PC (Piedmont Church) to the next level. He knows PC's needs better than we do. I am to work hard to cast vision, challenge everyone through scripture to never remain the same, to create systems that result in momentum, and to push everyone to live beyond themselves by serving and inviting people to come to PC with them. But our needs, our real needs, he knows them and I will ask in confidence that he will supply them.

I walk back into my office with a great sense of confidence in my walk.

He knows your need...he really does.