Dec 30, 2009


I am spending a lot of time thinking about a statement I am making this Sunday in the first of the Unleashed series. Here is what I say:

"why is it that in today's brand of Christianity we want to risk nothing, sacrifice nothing, and lose nothing when the very one we claim to follow risked everything, sarificed everything, and lost everything for us."

I wonder if we have lost what it means when Jesus said that to find life...WE MUST LOSE IT. I am not saying we can't live large lives, but I am saying that living a life for us first has to be left behind. How is it possible to follow Jesus when we spend all our prayers asking him to join and bless our lives and mission. Who is following who?

Ok, I know I am sounding closely like the old Southern Baptist preacher, however, my words here are for those who know Jesus and not those who do not. Following Jesus is about always adjusting your life and family to his mission, and not just adding Jesus, morality, church, and a few bible verses to your life.

I want to scream from the highest building...It is time to unleash our lives to Jesus Christ. It is time to feed and heal the poor, challenge the rich to give and serve, and invest in those whom God has placed in our lives, it is time to get active in our communities so that our influence for Jesus can increase. It is time to stop just attending church on Sunday, and start being the church everyday of our lives.


Dec 16, 2009

I am so pumped about this!!!

I am so very excited to announce The Journey 2010. One day I realized that there were 260 weekdays (mon-fri) in a year, and there were 260 chapters in the New Testament. If we all read just one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, for a year, we would read through the entire New Testament. Seeing that the scripture is the primary place that God communicates to us, just imagine what could happen if we expose our heart and minds to it all week, every week. I know that this could be life- changing!

In addition, I have gathered 26 authors to write devotions that will go along with the chapter for the day and that devotion will be sent to everyone who is registered with The Journey. Imagine reading a chapter of the New Testament and reading a short devotion along with it written by someone who is right here in Middle Georgia, someone who knows what life around here is like - how encouraging will that be!

If you register to participate with The Journey 2010 here is what will happen:
1. You will get an email sent to you Monday through Friday each week that will contain the chapter for the day, and a short devotion related to something within that chapter.

2. In those emails you will have the opportunity to click on a button and go to The Journey website and join in a discussion with others about what they have read.

With The Journey, you will move through the entire New Testament in a year. Some bible reading plans have you read several chapters a day, and that can be intimidating, but this plan is not difficult, even for those new to Bible reading.

In all my years of ministry, this just might be the thing that I am most excited about.

Register for the Journey today by clicking here and email us your name and email address, and you will be registered and on your way to a changed life.

Dec 8, 2009

What do you think about when...

What is the most important thing about you? Name the one most important thing about you?

Can't narrow it down to one?
I can.

The most important thing about you is what you think about when you think about God. Above everything else, that is the most important thing about you. The reason is simple, everything else in your life is shaped and influence by what you think about when you think about God. Everything!

For instance, if your view of God is too small then you will not follow God's principles when it is risky to do so, and giving regularly financially to your church...not going to happen. The reason is because if your God is too small then you can only trust him with the small things in your life. If your view of God is one that sees him as angry then you will live with a lot of fear and guilt. Everything about you from how you work, to how you raise your children, to your sexuality, to your marriage is all shaped by your view of God. Even if you do not believe in a God, that view of God shapes you.

My point is simple. The reason Jesus went to the cross is to offer us forgiveness so that we could get to know God, and get a more accurate view of him, because everything about us is shaped by that view.

What are you doing about your view God? Are you truly seeking him or are you just performing Christianity? Just remember that the more you seek him, the more you will really know him, and an accurate view of God will shape your life into a strong one.