Dec 8, 2008

Sunday's Thoughts

Here are some things about yesterday:
-I love kicking off the new series, The Great Unknown. It will be a awesome Christmas series.

-The stage look incredible. Good job Greg, Brad, and to all the production team. Heard lots of great comments.

-Amanda was unable to make and I hope she is better today. Because of Amanda being out the band had to make some serious changes to the morning and did a great job. Amanda you were missed, but my hats off to the band for making some worship great with all the changes.

-We collected a mountain of coats for the needy in Macon. I was blown away by the number of coats we had on the first Sunday of the drive.

-Had about 200+ yard signs about the Christmas Eve Service taken yesterday to be put up. Good job eveyone!!! Thanks to the Parking lot greeters for handling the distribution.

-The All-Star Kids leadership is raising up new leaders. Jana, All-Star Kids Original Host, was in the service yesterday..a first in a long time.

I serve along side the most incredible people on the guys are awesome.

Dec 4, 2008

Passion part 2

Ok, now what does Passion look like? First, passion always focuses energy. When we have a passion for something we focus our mental, intellectual, and spiritual energy in that direction. It is like going from a shotgun that sprays in many directions to a rifle that is focused in hitting a small area with a big punch.

When you are passionate about improving your marriage you focus energy in direction. On the other hand, if you are passionate about YOUR desires then you will focus your energy on making you happy, comfortable, and satisfied...often at the expense of those around you.

So what are you passionate about? Don't know? Ask yourself, where is your energy focused? Ask God to create and/or direct your passion to the things that really matter, the those things that will last, to pursuing Him, and to the things that will better the lives of those around you. Passion is a key part of living and not just existing.

Dec 1, 2008

Passion part 1

I was in Atlanta recently sitting at a read light. Standing on the corner in front of me was a guy holding a sign telling me of a sale at a local store. I am sure that you have seen those guys. He was actually sitting on a stool talking on a cell phone. It was obvious that is was just a job to him.

I then drove down to the next light and there was another guy. He was having a blast. He had a rectangle shaped sign and could throw it up and catch it. He was flipping it many different directions and caught it 90% of the time. I was captivated. I can tell you exactly what was on his sign. I wanted to get out and join him. It was very cool.

The difference between these two guys is one had a job, and the other had passion for his job. It is amazing that when you can near someone who has passion for something how that captivates us, how it draws us in, and makes what that person is passionate about more believable.

I challenge you to ask God to fire up your passion to know him, serve him, and pursue him. That alone will get people's attention. And what does it look like when we serve him with passion? We will answer that question in the next blog.