Sep 18, 2008

Making a decision

Jana and I are in the process of deciding what we will commit to Piedmont's Verge Campaign. I am so excited about what God is going to do in Piedmont and in our new facility.

We do have to raise some serious resources (money) to make it all happen. I believe that our people are up to the challenge. I just pray that they will seek God and give him their best. I believe with everything in me that people's eternity hang in the balance.

I do have people in other places support Piedmont on occasions and I am so thankful. If you live away from Macon and feel compelled to support Piedmont's effort to dominate Middle Georgia with the love and grace of Jesus Christ, please email me ( Your cash or non-cash gift would mean a lot

I am just very pumped about what God is going to do and is already doing!!!

Sep 10, 2008

The Fight is On!

Okay, this week has been a battle; seriously, I have been in a huge internal battle.

We had our one year anniversary, and it was awesome. Big, excited crowd. Gave away money to challenge people to be givers not just consumers. The response has been so cool. I encourage you to go to and read the comments.

Also this week we have had one of our Piedmont trucks broken into and about $8000 dollars worth of our sound equipment stolen. We also had a large bill come in that relates to the purchase of our Northside property.

A battle of emotions has been my week. In the end I am oddly excited and a little frightened. I fully believe that events of the week are evidence that Hell is frightened that Piedmont Church is in Macon. I am convinced that Satan is very fearful that Piedmont Church is a new move of God in Middle Georgia. I also know he will not sit by and do nothing.

Satan is a general of an army, and an army only attacks an enemy what is seen as a threat. Yes, we are putting hell on notice that Piedmont Church is in town not to connect people to the same old Christian religion, but to a movement of Christ in their lives.

We will not back down, backup, sit down, or shut-up. We are here to stay, and we move forward in confidence for greater is He that is in us than he that is in this world!

Sep 7, 2008

Piedmont is 1 year old

I may have to update this blog tomorrow, I am exhausted and not sure my mind is fresh.

Today was an incredible day. The spirit, the band, all our volunteers, the work of our staff, the response, the party at the Northside property...everything was awesome. I am so grateful and humbled that I get to be the Lead Pastor of this amazing church.

For those who were not there, let me tell you what we did. As a part of the launch of the verge series we didn't take up an offering, instead we gave out thousands upon thousands of dollars. I guess you can say we did a reverse offering. Seriously, we had envelopes in the offering buckets and asked people to take one out of the offering bucket. In those envelopes were different amounts of money from 5 to 500 dollars.

There was one catch, you can't spend the money on yourself or your family. You have to give it away to someone who needs it. We did it to show that life is not just about the consumption of all you have, but God challenges us to become people who use our time, energy, and money to invest into the lives of others. I thought that if we "prime the pump" that we could get people fired up about investing into others as a way of living.

We will see what happens. It was a one-of-a-kind day, and now I am going to sleep.

Sep 3, 2008


Ok, I am pumped!!

This Sunday is a double home run Sunday. I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of Piedmont Church and the kick-off of the Verge series and effort.

I am caught up with a conviction that God has brought us to the verge of something even bigger than what we have experienced right now. BUT, the ball is in our court.

Let me say that I am a terrible fundraiser...I hate it. But this time I am unusually excited!!! I am not intimidated in asking you to pray and give. I am so convinced in what can be. I so believe that we are positioned to be used of God to create some serious life change in people. I want you to have the joy and the privilege to participate in changing lives, and so I proudly ask you to give.

Without shame I tell you to seriously seek God, ask for His direction, and make a commitment to give to the Verge effort. It may be a one time gift, it may be a 3-year commitment to give "an extra" to your regular giving, or it may be a non-cash gift, but I call you to be a part in some way.

If you are not still convinced...come listen to the Verge Series. This will be a guilt-free, challenge-filled series that will change your heart and you will be encouraged. I am FIRED up!