Jan 4, 2010

Still getting unleashed

Wow, I love Sunday. I love showing people that God wants is to blow our minds if we would take the risk and get unleashed with Him.

Now getting unleashed is not usually an overnight event. To truly live unleashed for Christ is a big change that is the result of a focused commitment to some small steps. Its like when Nehemiah saw that the walls of Jerusalem were down and that the city was in ruins. He didn't just wait for God to show up and make a big change. No, he challenge all the people to pick up a brick, not to throw it at someone, but to put is down on top of another brick, and keep taking the small bricks and stacking them on one another.

Over time each small brick built a big wall. Small steps can lead to big changes. Big changes in our lives usually happen when we commit ourselves to taking small step that we know that God desires for us to take. That small step, along with other small steps, leads to big changes.

The reason that many people never get unleashed for Christ is because they give-up on daily taking small steps. They want instant big change or they will give up trying, and the the "desolate city" in their life is never rebuilt.

Have you asked God, "What are my small step that I can commit to today and tomorrow that will one day lead to some big changes?" He is waiting to talk with you.