Nov 12, 2008

We own it

I keep being blown away but what God has done through this thing called Piedmont Church over the past year. To think that this 1-year old church just bought a shopping center is a pretty amazing compliment to the power of God and the work of our people.

It is awesome what can happen when you harness the power of a people all moving in the same direction. It is hard to keep it focused, but when you do, it is powerful. Leadership is so much more about keeping people focused, passionate, and chasing after Jesus, than it is about keeping people happy, making a decisions, or holding a positions. Many church leaders would do well to understand this.

Having said much of Piedmont's present success is simply because God chose this time, this community of people, this leadership team, and this pastor to use for something that is bigger than we are. We have done a lot of things right, but what we have accomplish so far is more about the blessing of God that we do not deserve, than what we have done right.

This is why I am passionate and yet very humbled about leading Piedmont Church.