Mar 3, 2010

Why I do what I do

I am back into blog land. Today I am reminded why I do what I do, and why Piedmont is so important. The following is what someone "Facebooked" me who lives too far from Macon to attend Piedmont...but he attends by podcast.

What a GREAT message, I've listened via the web the last 2 weeks.
As a Christian, I know that He's in that "dark room" and sadly I usually
have my hands in my pockets, until I run into something that trips me
up, it's only then that I reach out to Him to break my "fall". My prayer
this week is that that my hands not be in my pockets, but they will be
constant in the "gropping" for Him and His guidance in the "dark room"
as well as His leadership in the "well lighted" areas in my life!
God Bless You my Friend, and may God continue to use you in great ways!!

That fires me up!!! Big announcement this Sunday, do not forget.

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